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2020Elevated Expansion

Elevated Expansion


2019A Branded Experience

A Branded Experience

Peabody + Hermitage AirBnB

2019145 Year Upgrade

145 Year Upgrade

114 2nd Ave

2019Put it on Ice

Put it on Ice

Tee Line

2019Born in a Barn

Born in a Barn

Music City Roots

2019Religious Redevelopment

Religious Redevelopment

People of Hope Church

2018Millworking to Mixed-Use

Millworking to Mixed-Use

Sylvan Supply

2018A Beacon and a Bridge

A Beacon and a Bridge

Woodmont Christian Church South Expansion

2018Designing for Dialogue

Designing for Dialogue

6 Magnolia Circle & Mayborn

2018Symmetry & Balance

Symmetry & Balance

Chestnut Hill Yoga


Nashville Downtown Library Garage Expansion

2018Short Term Stay

Short Term Stay


2017Epicenter of the Nations

Epicenter of the Nations

Stocking 51

2017Residential Form at an Industrial Scale

Residential Form at an Industrial Scale

MWS Headworks Building

2017Introducing EdgeSouth

Introducing EdgeSouth

1005 12th Avenue South

2017Encouraging Community

Encouraging Community

Micro Home Village

2016Greenway Oriented Entertainment

Greenway Oriented Entertainment

91 Van Buren

2015Communal Landscape

Communal Landscape

The Woods

2015Military Meets Silicon Valley

Military Meets Silicon Valley

Force X

2015Global Pioneers

Global Pioneers


2015Multigenerational Living

Multigenerational Living

The Annex

2013Grow in Community

Grow in Community

St. Luke Catholic Church

2010We're All in This Together

We're All in This Together

Grand Ole Opry Flood Re-Build

2007Where Students Become Teachers

Where Students Become Teachers

Middle Tennessee State University College of Education

2007Integrity in Education

Integrity in Education

Julia Green Elementary