2020Peeling Back the Skin

2200 8th

Peeling Back the Skin

2200 8th
Nashville, TN
Completed in: In Progress
Client: Allureum


2200 8th Ave is the adaptive reuse of a nearly 10,000 SF pre-engineered metal building for Medici XD (and its sister company Allureum), an integrated software, manufacturing, and media production group.  The building includes dedicated offices, a research and development lab, and prototyping workshop, and is the Nashville location of the dual-headquartered company which is also based in Los Angeles. 

The owner desired and aesthetic that was both technical and elegant, speaking to the blend of highly couture yet highly technical work that will take place in the building.   The design takes inspiration from not only the company’s work, but also the founder’s history, which involved the creation of high-tech robots and machines that are fleshed out (literally… think theme park animatronics) with a skin or tailored outer garment.  The idea translated to the exterior of this building having multiple layers of “skin” that are pulled back or carved away in sections to reveal the endoskeleton of the building.  The perforated screen wall that wraps a portion of the building is lit at night to purposely expose and accent the structure beyond, and each opening in the building is either carved away from the solid form, or playfully slips behind the screen to reinforce the layering affect. The interior continues this narrative, beginning at the moment of entry with directed vistas offering glimpses to where the magic is happening without totally giving it away.  The brick monument wall extends from outside to inside, blurring the lines of exterior and interior, while a wooden feature wall draws the eye along a visual path throughout the space, eventually connecting to the R+D lab and prototyping machine shop.  Materials include industrial steel, and textured masonry, and highly refined wood and brass details, all intentionally juxtaposed to further the architectural symbolism.