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Combining human need with art, science, and care for our environment to create transcendent value.

We Make It Look Great


Passionately reviving the landmarks of our culture so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

We Make It Last


Initiating plans that inspire and shape the future of our communities.

We Make It Work
Superior Work In These

Built With Purpose

WorkBuilt With Purpose

2020Elevated Expansion

Elevated Expansion


2020Light + Shadow Play

Light + Shadow Play


2019A Branded Experience

A Branded Experience

Peabody + Hermitage AirBnB

2018Millworking to Mixed-Use

Millworking to Mixed-Use

Sylvan Supply

2018A Beacon and a Bridge

A Beacon and a Bridge

Woodmont Christian Church South Expansion

2018Designing for Dialogue

Designing for Dialogue

6 Magnolia Circle & Mayborn

2018They Gave All Here

They Gave All Here

Farm Office

2017Highlighting History

Highlighting History

Stocking 51 - Silos

2016Manufactured Enjoyment

Manufactured Enjoyment


2012Creative Class

Creative Class

Trolley Barns

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