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2018A Beacon and a Bridge

A Beacon and a Bridge

Woodmont Christian Church South Expansion

2018Art Inspired Living

Art Inspired Living

North Lights

2017Epicenter of the Nations

Epicenter of the Nations

Stocking 51

2017Reimagining Sobro

Reimagining Sobro

6th and Peabody

2016Greenway Oriented Entertainment

Greenway Oriented Entertainment

91 Van Buren

2013Grow in Community

Grow in Community

St. Luke Catholic Church

2012Embrace. Nourish. Serve.

Embrace. Nourish. Serve.

St. Frances Cabrini

2010We're All in This Together

We're All in This Together

Grand Ole Opry Flood Re-Build

2006Peaceful and Serene Community

Peaceful and Serene Community

Saint Cecilia Motherhouse and Convent

2002Vibrant Community of Faith

Vibrant Community of Faith

St. Henry