2017Highlighting History

Stocking 51 - Silos

Highlighting History

Stocking 51 - Silos
Nashville, TN
Completed in: 2020
Client: Vintage South Development


Termed the epicenter of the Nations and located along a railway corridor, the Stocking 51 development is comprised of five phases with approximately 125,000 SF. This 5th phase of the Stocking 51 project is located at the iconic silos. This project includes 75,000 sf of mixed uses including retail, restaurant, and office space centered around an active plaza.

While the main buildings are new, many pieces of existing structures were retained and integrated into the design of the site. Due to the nature of the site being a brownfield, the site required extensive remediation. 2,500 CY of soil was remediated, the silos themselves are used to treat the stormwater onsite with a potential to retain 20,500 CF of stormwater inside the silos. The project is registered with the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation program (TDEC).

A former grain silo situated against a rail yard, the silos suffered from years of neglect and abandonment. Left to be overtaken by industrial refuse, derelict vehicles, and dense vegetation, the site fell into a state of disrepair. With the goals of supporting the revitalization efforts of the Nations, minimizing negative environmental impact through adaptive reuse, and creating a space that inspires placemaking, the Silos were transformed into a creative campus. Approaching this project with the notion that the most sustainable building is the one that is already built, the existing silos were cleaned up but remain largely unchanged. The components of this block combine to form a creative campus in this formerly industrial location that will be seen as a true amenity to this quickly changing West Nashville neighborhood.

This project blends a once industrial overgrown corner into a thriving neighborhood.