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Thoughtfulness, practicality, analytical are traits that come to mind. With a career grounded in construction knowledge and a love for art that grew to making beautiful places, David appreciates practicality and beauty equally.

You will often find him engulfed in a spreadsheet searching for the most efficient way of doing things. He balances that with Friday afternoon happy hours with the office and yoga classes with his wife.

An almost native Nashvillian, David has watched the city grow and blossom and actively participates in organizations who look to smartly manage that growth while celebrating the positive changes.

He is often looked to amongst all in the office for words of wisdom and a bit of dry humor. His favorite projects involve complex puzzles that others may shy away from.

Favorite Nashville Institution

Station Inn

Best Way To Spend A Weekend

In the backyard with the smoker

Summer Vacation Of Choice

Paddling in a cell phone free landscape

“No matter where you go, there you are.”

Buckaroo Banzai, and Confucius