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2021Adaptive Reuse: Reimagined

Adaptive Reuse: Reimagined

The Factory at Franklin


Middle Tennessee Christian High School

2020Elevated Expansion

Elevated Expansion


2020Huntsville's hub

Huntsville's hub

Upland Park

2020Peeling Back the Skin

Peeling Back the Skin

2200 8th

2019What a Cluster

What a Cluster

Goo Goo Chocolate Co.

2019Equitable Prototype

Equitable Prototype

1206 Buchanan

2018Millworking to Mixed-Use

Millworking to Mixed-Use

Sylvan Supply

2018Stacks on Stacks

Stacks on Stacks

Nashville Downtown Library Garage Expansion

2018Regaining Life

Regaining Life


2017Highlighting History

Highlighting History

Stocking 51 - Silos

2017Epicenter of the Nations

Epicenter of the Nations

Stocking 51

2017Residential Form at an Industrial Scale

Residential Form at an Industrial Scale

MWS Headworks Building

2017Still Serving Nashville

Still Serving Nashville

Omohundro Water Treatment Plant - Historic Buildings

2016Manufactured Enjoyment

Manufactured Enjoyment



Hendersonville Church of Christ Master Plan

2015From trash to class

From trash to class

Cordell Hull Building

2012Creative Class

Creative Class

Trolley Barns

2010Cathedral to Water Production

Cathedral to Water Production

Omohundro Water Treatment Plant – Filter Building