2019Equitable Prototype

1206 Buchanan

Equitable Prototype

1206 Buchanan
Nashville, TN
Completed in: 2022
Client: Bonadies Urban Development


As Centric Architecture has grown, we needed and wanted a new space in a neighborhood we could invest and become integrated in. In partnership with several others, we purchased this building to house our new office and serve as an example of equitable development in a neighborhood that has not seen enough of it.

The existing building began as a department store with a separate dry cleaner located adjacent. A building filled in the corner to house a grocery store and has since served as a neighborhood daycare who wished to close their doors.

The building will house Centric Architecture, a gallery, a neighborhood nonprofit, another office tenant and a small restaurant. Through the relationships Kelly Bonadies has created over the years, we are working in partnership to have the design exude all the ideas of inclusive design and development.

The exterior of the building will include community greenspace and an interactive art feature that residents can modify and make their own. Tenant designs will include space the community can use for gatherings and hope to become an integral part of the reinvention of a vital commercial corridor