2018Short Term Stay


Short Term Stay

Nashville, TN
Completed in: 2021


Located in proximity to downtown Nashville, this new building was constructed to house 56 Airbnb “apartment” style units.The lower level includes a small retailer and medium sized restaurant as well as a fitness center, main office, concierge check in and bar, and some structured parking. The site has many constraints including utility easements and has been sited to ensure the above program is possible.

The upper level has view of downtown Nashville and as such, an amenity deck and space to serve all the occupants has been designed. It includes a kitchen, deck, sitting and gaming area. The upper floors have a city required stepback from the property line.This has created the opportunity for multiple private decks from the upper floor units. Garage doors have been used in some spaces to give an indoor/outdoor experience to all who stay here. The building is visible from two major thoroughfares and as such artwork and signage will be incorporated to reinforce the design and branding of the development.