2015Communal Landscape

The Woods

Communal Landscape

The Woods
Nashville, TN
Completed in: In Progress


In a long held property part of the industrial section of Charlotte Park, a redevelopment plan began as early as 2010. For many years, the site had been used for car repair, impoundment, and housed a mulch company. As Nashville grew, so did the neighborhood and those were no longer the highest and best uses of the site.

After and early master plan was explored, a series of meetings with the Planning Department, Council, and neighborhood ensued. A neighborhood charette explored the entire neighborhood and the needs this site could fulfill.

In the many housing types created (single-family, duplex, attached housing, live-work, and mutlifamily), an emphasis was placed on natural light, the places we reside and the connection to liveable outdoor spaces. The communal landscape is arranged around centralized courtyards, walkways and gathering spaces. The cultivated landscape borders a future greenway connecting its residents not only to their immediate landscape but the network of spaces throughout Nashville.

Two phases of the current developement are nearing completion with a third larger phase in early planning.