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Design Professional

Hailing from the heartland, Mitch knows the value of politeness and casseroles.  Mitch earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology at Grinnell College in Iowa, and went on to teach and earn his Master's of Education in Saint Louis Missouri.  After teaching he went and worked at a software company in Madison, Wisconsin.  Realizing that it was now or never he decided to take the plunge and pursue his dream of becoming an architect, leaving the Midwest and earning his Master's of Architecture in Austin, Texas at (the other) UT.  He is passionate about design, and believes that good design can improve the world.

Mitch swam from alcatraz island to the shore, twice
He builds lamps for fun
He is an avid kickball player
His first name is Timothy (but he has never gone by that)

"You are brilliant and subtle if you come from iowa and really strange and you live as you live and you are always very well taken care of if you come from iowa." 

Gertrude Stein