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Interior Designer

Originally from McLean, VA, Kristian grew up fully immersed in the vibrant culture of DC's urban landscape. She spent her weekends strolling down the city streets of Georgetown, paddle boarding on the Potomac, and making quick runs up to Annapolis with her friends to eat crab legs on the Bay.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Interior Architecture from the University of Tennessee, Kristian moved to Nashville with her dog, Tippi (middle name, "Toes"), and started her career as an Interior Designer where she worked in residential and retail design. Since finding her place at Centric, Kristian has appreciated the vast array of projects that allow her to learn something new every day while acquainting her with her new home, Music City!

Hobbies include

Chasing tumbleweeds of Newfie hair through my apartment with a vacuum, leading plants to a slow death (against my best efforts), and wake surfing the lake with a Long Drink in-hand

Biggest character flaw

Compulsive use of finger-guns in any situation

Hogwarts house


“You remind me of the babe.”