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Joshua decided to become an architect at an early age while spending summers on construction sites with his uncles. He moved to Nashville in 1999 after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, and it’s been home ever since. He loves architecture; everything about it. The process of design. Working closely with the owner and teammates to develop and document the design. And working with the owner and contractor to see the project built successfully. His other passion is twofold; learning and mentoring. This has served him well as he was at the forefront of pioneering design software that has now become the industry standard, the first Certified Passive House Consultant in the state of Tennessee, and has seen several colleagues he mentored become successful architects and interior designers.

Favorite Past Time

Swimming, biking, running (in that order)

First Job

Farm hand

Favorite Book

International Building Code (2009 edition). Not really, it’s East of Eden by John Steinbeck.

Pet Peeve

Phone surveys

“Perhaps I am not as wise as I like to think I am.”

Umberto Eco