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Matt was born and raised in Tennessee's City of Love which is none other than Paris, TN. After growing up on a farm and working for his family's trucking company during his teenage years he discovered an interest in architecture through travel, legos and Sim City video games. After leaving the peaceful banks of Kentucky Lake where he "grew up" he earned his Bachelor of Architecture from UT Knoxville and has since worked for architects and contractors of various sizes in Tennessee, Texas and Washington. His interest in design goes beyond the built environment and has dabbled in furniture, product design and most recently creating screenprinted posters for his friends recurring poker night. Outside of the creative world he enjoys long backpacking adventures, sports, music and strong karaoke performances.

has a spotify playlist reserved for karaoke songs.
took the summer of 2019 off to travel while moving from seattle to nashville. visited 11 western us states / canadian provinces and camped at 10 national parks.


pork chop. don't ask, or do and i'll make up a story.

“i'm not a business man, i'm a business, man”