2017Rail Line Residences

Station North

Rail Line Residences

Station North
Mt. Juliet, TN
Completed in: 2020


The realization of a Transit Oriented Development in Mt. Juliet has been three years in the making - at least for our team.  It began with a successful proposal to partner with the Regional Transportation Authority to redevelop their park and ride lot into the new downtown for Mt. Juliet.  This downtown project is planned to spur adjacent development to create a largely walkable town center for the city.

The proposal will contain retail, restaurant, and a large component of residential all centered around a courtyard directly adjacent to the rail stop.  Community engagement was central to the success and multiple public meetings were held to ensure all could be involved. As time progressed and the need for a public private partnership continued, what was envisioned as a second phase has now become the first phase.

Approximately 5 acres of former industrial land sat across the tracks from the ever growing park and ride.  This development has involved much work with the City of Mt.Juliet and would contain approximately 200 units spread between townhouses and flats. The courtyard on this side of the tracks will align with the future courtyard on the RTA property creating a fluid pedestrian crossing centered around the rail.  The hope is that downtown Mt. Juliet is realized and it becomes a destination for surrounding areas.