2006Peaceful and Serene Community

Saint Cecilia Motherhouse and Convent

Peaceful and Serene Community

Saint Cecilia Motherhouse and Convent
Nashville, TN
Completed in: 2006
Client: Dominican Sisters of the St. Cecilia Motherhouse & Convent


Our partners and staff agree: this may be our finest moment. The St. Cecilia Motherhouse and Convent project is the embodiment of our deepest aspirations as architects. As a growing order of Dominican Sisters with a focus on education, the amazing ladies of St. Cecilia bring grace, love, and legacy to their students and to our city.

From the incredible joyous spirit of the Sisters themselves, to the donors, designers, engineers, contractors and other vendors, we were all driven to exceed in renovating their breathtaking spaces and community.

We more than doubled the size of the Motherhouse and provided much-needed room to expand, as St. Cecilia is one of the only growing Orders of Sisters in the United States. The completion of the project in 2006 represented a new chapter in the growth of the Order – one so successful that today it is once again running out of room.

“In 2006 following a celebration dinner marking the completion of the work at St. Cecilia Motherhouse, I walked out into the night air and knew that I had peaked in my career with this special project!  Hopefully there will be many other noteworthy projects to come, but none shone as bright emotionally and spiritually as this one did for me. Knowing we have helped the Sisters to continue their mission in life gives me great satisfaction and sense of peace.” — Jim Thompson, Project Manager