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Rosebank Elementary School

Puzzle Path

Rosebank Elementary School
Nashville, TN
Completed in: 2018
Client: Metro Nashville Public Schools


Rosebank Elementary School has served the changing East Nashville community for over 60 years. While the surrounding neighborhood completed the cycle of gradual decline followed by renewed resurgence in the late 2000’s, the school itself failed to keep up. The original portions of the school, built in three phases between 1952 and 1958, had seen very little improvements since their initial construction, despite 2 large additions to the school in the year 2000.

By 2015, the school – with a capacity of 500 students – was just over half-occupied. MNPS commissioned a full overhaul and complete renovation of this 63,000 sf facility. Centric’s vast experience with challenging renovations was the perfect fit for this particular challenge. Originally budgeted to receive a new administrative addition, it became apparent early on that rapidly escalating construction costs in an increasingly hot market were pushing budgets to the limits. Centric worked through several complex renovation scenarios to achieve MNPS’s 500-student programmatic requirements while staying completely within the existing footprint, and developed multiple alternate packages to better arrive at a scope that would fall within budget. Additionally, due to the low-occupancy numbers and demand on outside facilities, it was determined that the school must remain in operation during renovations. Centric worked closely with MNPS and Rosebank staff to develop a challenging and intricate phasing plan, which is scheduled to complete renovations in 18 months over 3 separate construction phases.