08.26.20 The Next Big Thing in Sylvan Park

The Next Big Thing in Sylvan Park

Nashville continues to grow by leaps and bounds, including a surge in the rehabilitation of historic buildings for both commercial and residential projects. Makeovers at locations such as Marathon Village and L&L Market have set the stage for transforming old industrial facilities into popular neighborhood mixed-use hotspots for local retail, restaurants and creative office spaces. Sylvan Supply is the latest to hit the scene, occupying the former Madison Mill on Charlotte Pike and 42nd Avenue and bringing a fresh, new experience to Sylvan Park.

Initially reserved for the development of an apartment complex, the 60-year-old former wood dowel and high-quality wood products factory was slated to be torn down. In September 2018, however, the folks at Third and Urban joined forces with Centric Architecture and stepped in to salvage the framework and change the narrative. “We really started with under the dirt and went up,” says Chris Faussemagne, partner at Third and Urban. “We redeveloped the project through Tennessee’s Brownfield Voluntary Cleanup Oversight and Assistance Program, basically making sure it’s environmentally safe for the occupants.”

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