01.20.23Project eyed for Rutledge Hill adds investor

Project eyed for Rutledge Hill adds investor

The effort to redevelop a Rutledge Hill site once home over the years to Sole Mio and Copper Kettle has taken an additional step forward.

According to a Davidson County Register of Deeds document, Alabama-registered Warren G. Farms LLC now owns a 16.7-percent interest in the property, which offers no building and is located at 94 Peabody St. The Post was unable to determine details about the LLC, which paid about $1.24 million for its ownership stake.

The transaction follows an LLC affiliated with Nashville-based Bodnar Investment Group — which paid $2.1 million for the property in April 2014 — having added Arkansas-based investor Dale Briggs via a $1 million transaction in October 2022 (read here). Briggs holds a 22.7-percent ownership stake in the 0.3-acre triangular site.

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