A grand combination of bonafide music lovers, audio geekery, and century-old materials is driving the creation and construction of Madison, Tennessee’s new performance venue, Timberhawk Hall. In other words, the team behind this new endeavor set out to do it right. Scheduled to open in early 2023, this purpose-built concert hall has been meticulously crafted for the enjoyment of both fans and musicians alike with a world-class sound system, thoughtfully designed artist and crew spaces, and a long-loved Nashville talent buyer filling its schedule. While the finest materials went into building the Timberhawk space, community engagement is the beating heart of the venue’s mission. The venue sourced local talent of all kinds—artists, engineers, makers, hospitality specialists—to make the Timberhawk experience one that will give everyone involved lifelong memories of truly singular concerts and events.

“The most rewarding part of working Timberhawk has been seeing how a project can have the opportunity and the potential to affect the community, and be a part of that community,” President and co-founder Fred Kennedy says. “It’s amazing to see how important that is to the community, and how much they care.” “The intention we have at Timberhawk Hall is to create a dynamic playground for established and emerging artists, where the whole community feels welcome and can share in this live creation with the artists,” Senior Talent Buyer Santo Pullella says. “We hope the fans feel inspired by their experience and take that energy home with them.” Historic Madison, TN, sits a few miles northeast of downtown Nashville. The bustling town—just up the road from arts and music hub East Nashville—is home to local businesses, beloved restaurants, live music and more, with the town’s residential neighborhoods serving as home to many members of the music and arts communities. Nashville’s Mayor John Cooper echoes the feelings of community members, saying, “The Timberhawk Hall project provides a first-class venue that will be enjoyed and appreciated across our community, by residents and visitors alike. I’m grateful to all who have been involved in this important neighborhood investment and excited for its official opening.”

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