06.26.20Nashville Architects on their Unique Projects, Favorite Features

Nashville Architects on their Unique Projects, Favorite Features

"As part of our special report on commercial real estate, out in today's weekly edition of the Nashville Business Journal, we asked executives with architectural firms on The List about a unique project the firm has worked on and a favorite feature that the general public might overlook but that they find significant.

The Silos at Stocking 51 | Justin Lowe, Principal, Centric Architecture

Tell us about a unique project your firm has worked on recently. What was unique about it? Where was it? Were there any challenges in the project? The Stocking 51 Expansion - The site was difficult because, while located in a great spot in the Nations, it was centered around these large and iconic concrete silos, which would be not only expensive to remove, but really gave the site its character. So, the whole design concept (and even our working titile for the project, "The Silos") was developed around the integration of these iconic objects.

In that project, what is your favorite feature that the general public may overlook, but as an architect you find significant? As I mentioned, the design evolved around these silos, but finding a practical way to make use of them was all but impossible. Until eventually our team (including Jay Fulmer, civil engineer) figured out a way to use them for stormwater treatment. So, while not many people will know this, those aren't just iconic remnants, they are actually a functional part of our site design."

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