01.13.20Junior Achievement's New Finance Park

Junior Achievement's New Finance Park

Adding decimals. Multiplying fractions. Calculating averages. Seventh grade teacher Kendra Ritter hears the same question from her students over and over again:

"When am I ever going to use this in the real world?"

Her answer never changes: "You will use it every single day." Of course, the kids never believe her.

Not, at least, until they had a chance to experience the mind-bending math that comes with balancing a family budget, calculating the cost of childcare, computing payments on a mortgage and figuring out if they can afford to live in that cute East Nashville condo or if they have to get an apartment in a nearby county.

They can do all that at Junior Achievement's new Finance Park, opening on Tuesday in an 8,000-square-foot facility funded by a $1.75 million capital campaign.

Featuring colorful storefronts, career exploration kiosks, and an entertainment center, Nashville's Finance Park gives middle and high school students across the state a chance to make real-world financial decisions in a daylong game of life.

It is one of only a dozen or so facilities like it in the country.

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