• Jim Thompson — Principal

    Jim finds inspiration in older construction materials, and nothing thrills him like the discovery of a classic finish. It is from this preserved past that he sees Tennessee forging its future.

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  • Gina Emmanuel — Principal

    Gina’s remarkable rise as an architect parallels the growth of the firm itself. There is no aspect of Centric's work that she has not seen personally...or improved.

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  • Justin Lowe — Principal

    Justin's fixation on collaborating with his clients produces both innovative work and lasting friendships. He's building an architectural legacy seen as uniquely Nashville.

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  • David Plummer — Principal

    Beauty. Purity of materials. Efficiency. Pride. Those aren't just David's motivators. They are the promise and the deliverable that every client can expect.

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  • Marion Fowlkes — Principal

    Marion is regarded as a leader and a visionary—not just in Tennessee, but in the global community of architects. His commitment to revitalization—from early vision to dramatic fruition—has always been a hallmark of his leadership.

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  • Lowe
    Kirsten Lowe
  • Batson
    Laura Batson
  • Wilson
    Sonja Wilson
  • Prichard
    Joshua Prichard
  • Spangler
    Rachael Spangler
  • Smith
    Daley Smith
  • Liles
    Brooke Liles
    Intern Architect
  • Moulton
    Corey Moulton
    Intern Architect
  • Scott
    Maggie Scott
    Intern Architect
  • Dougal
    Luke Dougal
    Intern Architect
  • Harvell
    William Harvell
    Intern Architect
  • Comet
    Lauren Comet
    Interior Designer
  • Spears
    Donna Spears
    Office Manager
  • Orkin
    Debbie Orkin
    Business Manager