A landmark heritage

World-class ideas. Regional innovation. For over five decades, Centric Architecture has been bringing them together. That’s how we are helping to propel Nashville and the Middle Tennessee region into the global spotlight; a vibrant cultural center that effortlessly mixes the old and the new.

It starts with the team. Ours is a passionate group of visionaries who also happen to be long-time friends. Through vision, expertise, and trusting collaboration, they create influential architectural design that shapes your life as a middle Tennessean. Today, those creations are part of your life. You walk by them, live in them, worship in them and work in them.

Some of our milestone projects are entirely new. They began with a vision and an empty field.

Others are rooted in the past, now preserved and revitalized to exist long into the future.

But all of them are unique in bringing Centric’s hallmarks of design excellence into expressions that are uniquely tied to our communities.

You already know some of our projects. The restoration of the Tennessee State Capitol and the Omohundro Filter building preserve our past, as does the renovation of The Grand Ole Opry after the 2010 floods. Others, like the Trolley Barns, draw from Tennessee’s storied past to create something entirely new and exciting that even today generates energy and life for our region.

There are many more. Julia Green Elementary. Ravenswood Mansion. St. Cecilia Motherhouse and Convent. Fontanel outdoor music venue. St. Henry’s Catholic Church. The University School of Nashville Gordon Wing and Visual Arts. The MTSU College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Today, Centric isn’t standing still. Our past and our future are at a crossroads of promise, and Middle Tennessee is experiencing a renaissance of value, beauty, innovation, and livability.

It’s not often one gets to see the future take shape so vividly in the present. With our unique roster of clients, we are making it happen. Together.