Case Study:

6th and Taylor

6th and Taylor

Mixed Use | Germantown (Nashville), TN | Currently in Process

Priam Ventures

Nowhere is Nashville's progress over the last half-decade more evident than the eclectic neighborhood of Germantown. Just minutes from downtown, with breathtaking views of the city, one of Nashville's oldest neighborhoods is now one of its hottest. With the new professional baseball stadium being constructed just a few blocks away, and over 200 new residential units under construction, the neighborhood represents all that is best about modern Nashville: a seamless blend of historic and modern, small-scale charm with large-scale development, residential, commercial, and industrial in a vibrant mix.  

These are the types of neighborhoods Centric wants to be a part of. The opportunity to help shape a community and make an architecture that is of that community rather than "anywhere USA." It is uniquely Nashville. And uniquely Centric.   

We've been given the unprecedented opportunity to preserve two historic residential structures in Germantown, while also reshaping a largely vacant half block into a vibrant mixed-use development. The existing historic buildings will be cleaned and restored, removing later additions such as vinyl siding, faux stone veneer, fabric awnings, and iron bars, and repurposed for commercial use. Both historic structures will receive additions to the rear of the buildings that will be contemporary in form, but will take cues from the scale, proportion, and materials of their historic counterparts and the neighborhood context.

Each building is clustered around a new central courtyard and public space. All new construction will be brick with portions of wood siding, and will include metal canopies, railings, and other accents. The building's scale is broken down by multiple setbacks, changes in materials, and the creation of a series of smaller outdoor spaces such as porches and balconies, all of which are appropriate in the context of Historic Germantown. Residents and visitors will encounter and will create layers of public and private interaction and outdoor living. Several of the buildings will make use of rooftop terraces to further create an outdoor community around the courtyard and take advantage of the city skyline views to the south.  

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